Colibri Terms and Conditions


1. "MANUFACTURER" refers to INIPOP, The company that develops, manages, maintains and deploys the TECHNOLOGY.

2. "CLIENT" refers to the companies or individuals that use the TECHNOLOGY.

3. "TECHNOLOGY" refers to the IoT platform called "COLIBRI", owned and managed by the MANUFACTURER and that provide the CLIENT with a pool of sensors and a DASHBOARD application or tool to capture, analyze and visualize DATA.

4. "DATA" refers to the information gathered by any of the corresponding elements that comprise the TECHNOLOGY.

5. "ADMINISTRATOR" refers to the person designated by each company to administer the TECHNOLOGY and DATA. Among other responsibilities, will manage the roles, permissions and access restrictions of the company users to the DATA and TECHNOLOGY.

7. "COLIBRI TERM" means the period during which the TECHNOLOGY will be used, as specified in these terms and conditions.


1. The following persons or family members  (spouse, parents, children, siblings and their spouses) can not act as ADMINISTRATORS:

(i) any official or employee or any person acting on and on behalf of, any government or department or agency, in relation to any national or international public organization;

(ii) any official political party or candidate for public office.

2. ADMINISTRATOR are eligible to use TECHNOLOGY, after legal validation. Any eligible ADMINISTRATOR must complete a registration to use the sensors and it data.

3. MANUFACTURER can verify the eligibility credentials of any ADMINISTRATOR.

4. In order to use the TECHNOLOGY, each ADMINISTRATOR must be registered by means of an online form following the instructions included in it, which describes instructions on how to complete the registration of the personal information that is required and the reading and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Each CLIENT and ADMINISTRATOR can only register one time. Once a registration process has been completed, the ADMINISTRATOR will be notified in order to accept the new registration.

6. All ADMINISTRATORS are required to provide their identification and / or any other identification number that may be necessary.

7. The registration is not transferable or assignable.